Official Soja Born June 29, 1988 is known for his music. He puts his all on every record....

Growing up he was a troubled young man. After being kicked out of school in 6th grade, held back in 7th grade, and dealing with probation, he began to lose focus on school. He spent his time playing basketball in the streets. By 8th grade, he showed impressive jumping skills on the court for his age, already able to hang on the rim. He was asked to try out for the school team and made it. That same year, the team won the championship his name is hanging in the gym at Walker Middle School. He then attended Cypress Creek High School in 2003, where he no longer played basketball but Football.


While still in high school he began to love music, he dubbed himself Soja, and released his first single, "Welcome" in 2007. Months after dropping his single, he was asked to perform in the Black History Month Program at Cypress Creek High School. In 2007, he made his presence known with his verse in the collaboration "Gotta Get The Chedda", which was played by DJ Wired on the underground radio station WPRK 91.5FM. When first released.

After an interview, where he was mistakenly called Soulja Boy, he decided to change his name to Official Soja.

He signed a record deal with Brooklyn West Records in 2008. His time with the company came to an end in 2011.


His first show was in Downtown Orlando,FL at the AKA. After doing 8+ shows there he realized early that it wasn't easy to break into the music industry by just doing shows in Orlando. Therefore, he began to hustle to get himself recognized. He began investing his own money into making several mix tapes, videos, and putting together live shows (We rented out Club Screamers). Finding it hard to get the response he wanted from his hometown of Orlando, he traveled to other cities, such as Tampa and Miami. Although it took a lot of work and time, he refused to give up, and continued to promote his music.

Now in 2014 he is the Artist/Businessman to know, opening up shows for Rick Ross, Ice Burg & Ray J. Owning 100% of his records. Official Soja is one of the hottest hip-hop/rap artists in Orlando, FL.

He say's: It all began in High School, I never wanted to be a rapper. I didn't plan this. It all just happened.

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